Kathryn Mannix has 30 years experience as a palliative care doctor in the UK. She wants us all to talk about and to understand dying as easily as we discuss pregnancy and birth, in order to be less afraid and better prepared. Expect humour, tears and ideas to talk about.

Wednesday 13th September: Dying, Death and Modern Medicine –how the nation’s anxiety stops us talking
13:30-14:30 / 106
Dr Kathryn Mannix looks at the national conspiracy to avoid thinking about dying and death, and asks us to consider ways to confront the taboo.

Thursday 14th September: ‘We’re All Going to Die!’ Anxiety, denial and truth-telling
11:30-12:30 / 106
Looking at how the media misrepresent dying, Dr Kathryn Mannix takes us on a thoughtful, interactive and even amusing tour of cinematic deaths, whilst offering us an alternative and consoling take on what to expect in real life/death. You might laugh. You’ll probably cry. But you will feel better for it.