Mandy Stevens

Mandy Stevens

Mandy Stevens is a qualified nurse & has worked in mental health services for 30 years. For the first 15 years Mandy worked in a range of clinical positions mostly in the Mental Health Acute Care pathway, including inpatient services, Crisis Teams & Community Mental Health Teams. Mandy then moved in to management positions, initially as a Matron in the NHS, a Hospital Director in the Independent sector, then has held a range of Director level positions in the NHS, including Director of Nursing, Director of Mental Health Operations and Director of Quality Improvement across London and the south east. 

In October 2016 Mandy suffered a severe episode of depression resulting in a crisis admission to an NHS acute mental health unit, where she stayed for three months. During this time Mandy experienced suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Discharged on 20 January,  spent three months at home focusing a clear recovery plan. She is now fully recovered from her illnesses and has spoken widely about how this episode affected her, including a blog on LinkedIn and viewed by over 1 million people.

With Mandy's unique experience as a mental health nurse, senior leadership positions and more recently personal experience of using services, Mandy is now increasingly advocating for mental health awareness, antistigma campaigns, learning from the patient's experience & recovery focused work.


Wednesday 13th September: Lecture by Mandy Stevens
12:00-13:00 / John Lyon’s Theatre
Mandy Stevens gives a lecture on her experience as a mental health professional and her work promoting mental health awareness.

Wednesday 13th September: Anxiety and Panic Attacks
15:15-16:15 / 215
Mandy Stevens gives a lecture on anxiety and panic attacks

Thursday 14th September: Interview with Bryony Gordon
11:30-12:30 / John Lyon's Theatre
Mandy Stevens will interview journalist Bryony Gordon on how and why she hid her mental health issues for so long as well as the impact her OCD had at it's worse and how she is coping with it now she is in recovery. 

Thursday 14th September: Recovery Workshop
14:30-15:30 / G01
Mandy Stevens gives a lecture on her professional experience as a mental health professional and promoting mental health awareness.