Dan is a university administrator, writer, journalist, and creative consultant. He has a degree in Philosophy and Theology and a Masters in Theology from Oxford University where he was studying for a DPhil when he had a major breakdown. Dan sits on the Oxford University Disabled Staff Working Group and recently gave the closing remarks at the University’s Second Annual Disability Lecture, in the form of a performance poem. He has worked on a number of projects on debt and mental health with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Mind, and Rethink. @agnieszkasshoes  

Wednesday 13th September: Assume Nothing: The Complexities of Life with Wildly Varying Skills
10:30-11:30 / 215
Dan Holloway gives a lecture on how to cope with the complexities of being successful whilst coping with mental
health issues.

Thursday 14th September: Free to Dream: What a Universal Basic Income Would Mean for Those Disabled by Mental Ill Health
12:00-13:00 / 112
A lecture by Dan Holloway exploring what it would mean for our creative future to know that we could pursue our dreams and always have the security of having our needs met.