Dr Ramya Mohan, MRCPsych ( www.ramyamohan.com ) is a highly regarded senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Educator on the NHS since 2008. She is a well-known Musician (Composer and singer), exhibiting Artist, Author, Invited speaker and Global Pioneer in integrating scientific knowledge of the human mind with music and creative art.  She has a myriad of live music performances (On a prestigious world stage) and acclaimed recorded independent music to her credit. Her art has been showcased in renowned art galleries and widely applauded. She is an expert contributor and author with top international publications and an invited speaker on mental health and creativity across the globe. She is the founder and MD of iMANAS London, an organisation set up to integrate neuroscience with the creative arts via focussed projects on global platforms. Dr Mohan has conceptualized and implemented a novel internationally acclaimed therapeutic technique CAPE( ‘Creative Arts for Processing Emotions’. CAPE brings together neuroscientific knowledge of the brain, music and well-evidenced therapeutic techniques to support emotional processing and regulation .

Dr Mohan is currently in India for community development work around using the creative arts to support mental health and to implement CAPE within the Indian sub-continent.