Dr Sarah Northcott is a Research Fellow and Speech and Language Therapist based at the Division of Language and Communication Science, City University London. There are two broad strands to her research. Firstly, she is interested in research that explores ways to enable people with post-stroke aphasia (language difficulties) to make meaningful and positive change in their lives. She has a particular interest in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and has recently received the Stroke Association Jack and Averil (Mansfield) Bradley Fellowship Award to enable her to lead a three-year study (the SoFIA trial). This study is investigating how best to adapt this therapy approach for people with both mild and severe aphasia; and analysing what difference the therapy makes to people’s lives. Secondly, Sarah is interested in exploring the psychosocial impact of stroke, both the ‘lived experience’ of having a stroke using qualitative methodology, and also adapting and developing measures that are accessible to people with a communication disability.