Jo is a founder and the lead organiser of the Kent Vegan Festival. Jo is a lifelong community activist and has been vegan since 2003 and was veggie for 21 years before that. Jo also set up Canterbury Vegans and Kent Vegan Parenting.

Jo and her husband, Terry, are the founders of the Abbot’s Mill Project in Canterbury and previously co-founded Skillnet Group, both social enterprises. 

The Abbot’s Mill Project aims to develop an urban hub for sustainability, compassion and social justice in the heart of Canterbury, powered solely through renewable energy, principally through reinstalling a water-wheel into the River Stour on the site of the former Abbot’s Mill. 

Skillnet Group was set up alongside people with learning difficulties and its mission was to to support people to work together to make positive change happen through developing projects and campaigns, which challenged attitudes about disability and enabled people to speak up and be taken seriously within the mainstream of society. 

Jo and Terry have a 5 year old daughter, Rosa. The whole family is vegan and they co-house with fellow vegans just outside Canterbury.