Kenny Johnston - CEO of CLASP Charity, who having witness domestic abuse, racism, mental illness and a variety of everyday stress-related experiences in his life, attempted suicide due to the build-up of these life events in October 2010. Now, he champions the importance of people having the means to talk openly about daily life difficulties and creating means for them to obtain assistance before situations escalates causing mental illnesses, as well as potentially thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

The NHS Federation conference announced earlier this year, over 70% of the 6,233 completed suicides in 2014 were not known to mental health services or the NHS. A high percentage were due to daily stresses including work, home, financial and relationship pressures, bullying, domestic abuse, victimisation and other daily life events. By offering people the means to overcome daily stresses and aware of the legal requirements of services under the Equality Act 2010, Kenny has been part of numerous suicide interventions and assisted in saving lives by offering proactive support to services.

Kenny has since studied ‘Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Suicide Intervention Counselling’ in order to help those living with their life traumas. Utilising his own life experiences, he works to overcome the stigma which surrounds mental and/or stress related illness as well as, suicidal thoughts to empower individuals and families to discuss their daily difficulties, emotions and thoughts openly in order to resolve them, see a positive future.