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‘My name is Marcella Cooper, and I am the mother of three children.  My middle child, a son, has autism, a learning disability and behaviour can be regarded as challenging.  I became a full-time family carer in 2000 when work and caring became incompatible.  I continue to care for my son who is now 26 and lives independently in his rented home, but with support.

I have been involved with many national organisations, representing family carers from the black minority and ethic (BME) community. When we have a child with a learning disability we often have to think and make the right decision for that person, so I am always having to think not just for myself, but for my son too, and I suspect it must take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing.  So I relax by writing children books which have been illustrated by my husband.  We have now self-published two children books, and I continue to write adult novels as it’s a good way to pass away my respite.  Writing also relaxes me and helps me escape real life for a few hours. 

The most recent group I was part of was the HEE Learning Disability Expert Reference Group, chaired by Baroness Hollins. I think it’s important as family carers for our voices to be heard, and I am really glad that we are being given this opportunity at the Mental Wealth Festival.  So thank you.’