Shammi Kapoor

About Shammi Kapoor – founder of Abilitiez

"It is my goal to change people’s lives the same way BrainRx changed mine."

Shammi completed a brain training program when a doctor referred him to the BrainRx concept after being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD & Depression. After completing  the program, Shammi , as well as family and friends, could see the difference brain training made to his life. Post training he could do things he found impossible to do before. He was now able to live a better life as he had a more powerful and efficient brain. These changes inspired him to become a brain trainer. After completing his training he went on to open a brain training centre.

Having grown up facing the challenges of autism/ ADHD means that Shammi is able to truly empathise with clients, understand the journey they are going through when facing cognitive difficulties which make performing day to day tasks difficult. His passion is to maximise human potential through brain training. Brain training targets the root cause of learning difficulties and at Abilitiez we are witnessing incredible improvements in clients' cognitive skills, therefore enhancing people's lives.